Optimus Logistics Group, Inc.

Justin Bourdon, Warehouse & Yard Supervisor
Marshall Frantz, President

About Optimus Logistics Group, Inc.
Founded in 1998, Optimus Transport has grown from its small beginnings into the multifacited logistics support company it is today. Utilizing our diverse fleet of curtain vans, roll tops and flatbed trailers, our goal is to provide our customers with a reliable and consistent source of support for their shipping needs.

Our fleet of nearly two dozen trucks is dispatched across the Pacific Northwest on a daily basis, Optimus is headquartered in Centralia, WA. We also operate a warehouse & transload facility in Puyallup, WA.

Great customer service can only be provided by great employees and Optimus has just that - great drivers and great employees! Other companies may offer similar services, but we go the extra mile for you. 
Committed to providing the best customer service in the trucking industry.
The lead dispatcher at Optimus, Jim brings 40+ years of trucking experience to our customers and drivers.
8+ years of trucking logistics and warehouse experience.
Jim McAuley, Operations Manager
Cherie Nakai, Corporate Administrator
Cathy Christian, Compliance & Safety
Rick La Course,         Dispatcher